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Hi again!

Still about me, huh? I would love to know about you already, but okay. :) 

Here's something about my more official qualifications & basic educations.

I am beyond master level on kundalinireiki, and

second level healer on Sekhem-energy used widely in ancient Egypt.


Within kundalinireiki I use all of these healing methods:

basic kundalinireiki, diamond kundalinireiki, crystalline reiki, DNA-reiki,

past life trauma -reiki, location reiki, prana -activation on objects and healing tools, purple reiki, gold reiki and golden shakti reiki.

I have also created a whole new form of reiki myself, which I call Kipinä-Reiki.

It is based on kundalinireiki, but it is ten times more powerful and goes very deep. It also has a special characteristic of surfacing new epiphanies or Aha-moments for you after the healing. In Kipinä-Reiki there are four groups of light forces that are close to me and always present in the healing. These are ancient healing wisdom from my Asian lives and ancestors, shamanic northern light -magic from Lapland, extra-terrestrial expertise from my star friends of other planets, and last but not least, the spirits of nature with their colourful healing love.

Oh, and before my awakening I did very well in school, went through university and also got a degree as a hairdresser. 

I speak english, finnish and swedish pretty fluently, and have also studied a little spanish, japanese, german and french.

I have worked as a hotel maid, telemarketer, translator for websites and a camping site receptionist for years. One winter I worked at a power plant taking samples from different fuels.

But I don't know why those things would really be of any interest to anyone.

Other abilities and passions

In addition to the healing courses I have taken, the healing love of the universe, highest and purest unconditional light - love energy of the source flows through me unrestricted when I intend so, healing me, opening me and teaching me.

In my opinion this kind of straight personal connection to spirit is a better way of learning to heal than courses. It is not even learning per se, but opening the souls remembrance of our natural gifts. 


I feel like my soul's special expertise is working with the higher chakras, activating and opening up the higher states of consciousness and understanding the working of the universe. From crown chakra to soul star chakra, star gate chakra and up from there even. In addition to these, I also do very effective work in transmuting lower, even demonic energies into love and light, due to my lack of fear and loving approach to even the darkest, deepest of creatures. We all just need love in the end to remember the light in us.

Light language and transmitting light codes got activated in me very soon after starting my spiritual journey. First they came through me as hand gestures, then dancing and moving my whole body and finally as words or singing. In my opinion  and experience light language is a surprisingly strong tool in energy work, both healing old and activating new. It can even be used to create whole new light codes in this matrix of ours to make it a more beautiful, magical and peaceful place to live in.

I like to use all of the healing energies flowing through me in intuitive healings without limiting them into any specific form of reiki. I feel like this way the divine forces of the universe have the best opportunity to help us, because we don't always see everything that the universe sees. Trusting is the key, and I have absolute trust in the universe and divine plan to always work through us in the best way possible when given a change to do so.


My colleagues of the spirit world

I work with a wide variety of light beings and creatures from all over galaxies and dimensions. It's probably not worthwhile to go into further detail about all them, but here are listed some of my colleagues who help me on my spiritual path and assist in healings: 

- Fairies (earth's fairies, crystalline fairies and cosmic fairies)

- Unicorns

- Mermaids

- Other Nature Spirits (leprechauns, elves etc.)

- Angels & Arc Angels (Arc Angel Metatron woke me up from the matrix by opening my stargate chakra, and freaked out my family who thought I went crazy overnight)

- Dragons

- Elements & Elemental Spirits (water, fire, air, earth, ether/love)

- Races from different planets and starsystems (Pleiades, Sirius, Lyra, Orion, Mintaka, Venus, Arcturus, Andromeda, Antaria etc)

In addition to these guys, I've seen some weird stuff helping me that I don't have a name for. For example a cosmic vacuum cleaner full of neon green and blue patterns came by, looked at me and sucked some useless thrash right out of my brain with it's vacuum cleaner trunk, and then without saying anything just went it's way. 

The universe is pretty interesting.

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