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Healing services

Welcome to my healing services page!

Here you can see what kind of services I offer (more coming up), check the prices and choose the best one for you. Every healing includes a phone / zoom call, where you can tell me more about your situation and we can see what kind of stuff is important to your well being in this moment.

To book a healing, scroll down to the contact - section and send me a message.

All the healings can be done as distance healing, so you can book one for yourself no matter where you are on the planet. All of the prices include VAT 24%.

To read about instructions like how to receive the healings, safety suggestions and other, visit Guides & Instructions -page.


Joy, Magic & Healing of Highest Love

Healing Services

Diamond Kundalinireiki
70 €/ h

Diamond Kundalinireiki is a great overall healing energy for all kinds of basic healings, chakra clearings, balancing, brightening the aura etc. It is slightly more powerful than regular kundalinireiki. If you would rather like to book basic kundalinireiki, it is available too for the same price.

Past Life Trauma Reiki
77€/ h

Past Life Trauma -reiki, as you probably guessed, is especially created to clear out and surface all kinds of traumas and pains from our previous lifetimes that are still causing us harm in this lifetime. We all have multiple lifetimes whether we remember them or not, and most of them are not all rainbows and unicorns. I recommend at least three Past life trauma reiki -healings for everyone to take in this life, to help heal the burden from the previous ones and live more freely.

88€/ h

Kipinä-Reiki is a healing method created by me ( therefore the name). It is based on kundalinireiki, but it's ten times more powerful and goes very deep. It also has a special characteristic of surfacing new epiphanies or Aha-moments for you after the healing. In Kipinä-Reiki there are four groups of light forces that are close to me and always present in the healing. These are ancient healing wisdom from my Asian lives and ancestors, shamanic northern light -magic from Lapland, extra-terrestrial expertise from my star friends of other planets, and last but not least, the spirits of nature with their colourful healing love.


DNA-reiki is a powerful form of kundalinireiki that spesializes in healing our DNA, bringing healing to all kinds of stuff that is carried within our cellular memory from generations to generations. It can have positive effect on diseases or karmic events that run in the family line, and the healing affects both the ancestors and the future children. This healing is a gift you give to your whole family when doing the work on yourself!

Money & Wealth Healing Series

1. 55€

2. 77€

3. 111€

A healing series of three different levels to heal the areas of money & wealth in your life. Most of us have a huge amoun of different limiting beliefs, traumas and subconscious blocks that prevent the flow and maintaining of prosperity in our lives. The more we work on and heal these blocks away, the more we start to see new ways of creating riches, as well as belief in ourselves that we can achiece it.

I've created a healing series of this theme, which allows you to deepen the effect of the healing, dismantle as much of the abundance blocks as possible, and open yourself up to receive richness in increasing quantities. The healings are designed to be received in order from one to three, and you can decide how many of them you want to take and when.

The first one starts to open up the change in you, the second one deepens it and opens up the wealth consciousness even further, and the last one marks a new beginning for you and your prosperous new life. Each treatment is as effective as it can be depending on the readiness of your soul to intagrate the changes.

Group healing
of the week 33e/h

Theme of the group healing changes every now and then, and the healing is open for receiving as long as it is displayed on this site. If you have booked and payed for a group healing, and the theme changes before you have received it, don't worry, yours is still open to be received.

This weeks group healing is done together with unicorns and fairies, both Earth's fairies of the green nature, and cosmic fairies from other realms and planets. The energies of the unicorns are extremely loving, high vibrational and pure. The fairy energies are most often connected with joy, freedom and happiness, enjoying life with a full heart. So these will be the themes of this weeks healing also, guided by the highest divine love of the universe for everyone's highest good. To participate, send me a message! 

More healing options and easier booking methods will be available as I keep working on my website. :)

When you find the healing that is calling to you, it is your turn to call on me! Scroll to the Contact Me -section below, where you find multiple ways of letting me know what kind of service you would like to treat yourself with. 

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