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Hi there and welcome to my online space of joy, magic and healing of highest love! I hope you find everything you need for your healing, ascending, following your soul path and getting inspired. Feel free to send me a message or email about anything. I'm here for you!

My full name is Maura Kipinä Lakshmi Miriam Airinko, as given to me by the spirit world of love and light, and it pretty much sums up the energies that I carry as most natural to my soul.

Maura is the only name that I kept  from the one given to me at birth. It has many meanings, but the ones that resonate with me are rebellion, wished-for child and star of the sea. (I resonate strongly with mermaid-energies, as well as other magical creatures like fairies and unicorns.) There are also several saints named Maura, most of whom were early martyrs of the church, and some honored in Egypt. One of the Saint Mauras was known for her tears of love and joy when she was meditating, serving the less-fortunate and honoring the divine. 

Kipinä is the name of my cosmic fairy -self, which is my strongest soul aspect, or my higher self. I've been consciously a space fairy in all of my lifetimes alongside with my human (or other race) self. Kipinä is finnish and it means Spark. To me the energy of Kipinä is all about joy, absurd humour, rebellion, glittery, sparkly magic and unapologetic fun-loving authenticity. 

Lakshmi is an Indian Goddess of good luck, prosperity, abundance and achieving goals. She is often depicted with golden coins and jewellery to represent the material wealth, and a lotus ( spiritual wealth). Lakshmi is also associated with wisdom, pleasure, youth and beauty. Needless to say, I value all of these traits highly and appreciate them as an essential part of an enjoyable life and the absolute birth right of every soul.

The name Miriam actually has a lot of similar meanings to Maura, such as rebellion and star of the sea. It is also the older version of the name Mary. As described in the bible, Miriam was also the sister of Moses and Aaron, and a prophetess leading the Jewish people from slavery and exile in Egypt alongside with his brothers. For me Miriam represents strong faith even in difficult situations, resilience, courage, and walking through the darkest of valleys with hope and trust in her heart. I am happy to serve as your guide when you are going through the tough times. Even if it seems like there is no light to be seen, we can overcome anything with strong faith and a little help from each other.

My new last name Airinko was shown to me in a meditation, and after a little intuitive research I figured out that it is a combination of the greek word aeriko = fairy, japanese word airiko = love & beauty, and the finnish word aurinko = the sun, which of course symbolizes light, warmth, power and knowledge.

Only yesterday it crossed my mind to check if Airinko itself means anything in some language, and found out that it also is japanese and carries the meanings of gallant, heroic and love as well. 

So, in conclusion, I figured it is more relevant to know about my character and the energies I carry within me, than all the courses or trainings that I have completed as a healer. That is because I work with intuition and listening to the voice of our hearts, and I trust that the people who are meant to work with me also follow their intuition on whether I am the right healer or coach for them. I know we as a humanity are moving fast into heart consciousness and I am so excited to connect with other like minded souls all the time. So send me a message and book a healing session, I will be more than happy to give my all for your highest good! 

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Look In The mirror
and see who you are.

You gorgeous divine badass. 

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